The grand opening of The Refractive Laser Centre (TRLC) at Precious Blood Hospital (Caritas), west Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR took place in September 1998. It provided a highly successful treatment programme to meet the refractive needs of thousands of gratified patients. Since October 2006, the refractive centre was relocated to Central District and has joined force with its sister facilities, namely Hong Kong Eye Centre (Old Peak Road) at Canossa Hospital (Caritas) and its refractive unit. The new centre, Hong Kong Eye Centre (Central), is currently located at a renowned Central District landmark,  Prince's Building, 10 Chater Road, Central, Hong Kong.


This newest, state of the art laser surgical facility was carefully designed to offer the latest and most comprehensive treatment of various refractive disorders using the latest surgical techniques including Lasik, PRK, Advance Surface Ablation (LASEK & EpiLASIK) and phakic intraocular lenses (phakic IOL). It also provides other types of lens-based refractive surgeries, icluding the latest types of presbyopic treatments.


The Centre comprises of specially dedicated areas for patient education, examination, investigation and humidity controlled ventilated laser surgical suites built to the highest standards. The operating rooms benefited from advanced climate control system comprising of independent air conditioning units and humidity control units; clean micro-filtered air was then fed to the operating rooms via four industrial-grade Hapa filters ensuring a dust free operating environment always at 21degC (+/-2degC) and 45% humidity (+/-5%).



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This kind of highly regulated environment is essential to success and accuracy of Lasik surgery. Aside from other advanced investigational equipment, the centre utilises various  excimer laser systems , which have been widely acclaimed worldwide by leading ophthalmic experts as the current state-of-the-art refractive surgical tools. The combination of these Lasik workstations  provides highly accurate wavefront-guided/optimised treatment to a wide spectrum of refractive disorder. The centre is also a pioneer in Hong Kong in treating glare and halo type complications from prior refractive surgery using wavefront-guided technology. Results of these exciting treatment of iatrogenic complications were first published in Hong Kong in Annual Scientific Meetings of ophthalmologists in Hong Kong in 2005.

Apart from delivering high quality Lasik surgical results, the centre is also a pioneer in other forms of refractive surgery. The first case of Bioptic surgery (combination of phakic intraocular lens and Lasik) in Hong Kong was successfully performed with excellent result in early 1999. This category of procedures opens up hope for good clinical outcome in those highly short-sighted patients previously outside the realm of Lasik treatment. Together with its sister unit at Hong Kong Eye Centre (Old Peak Road) at Canossa Hospital, more than 150 phakic lens implantation (PIOL) have been successfully carried out between 1999 and 2011.

For patients to achieve best surgical outcome, the Centre is managed by a professional team of nurses, optometrists, honorary consultant ophthalmic surgeons and other auxiliary staff, who have been specially trained and certified by internationally recognized experts in refractive surgery. Protocols for pre-operative assessment, patient counseling, surgical procedures and post-operative management are strictly adhered to achieve consistently reliable results.

Clinical data is carefully collected for ongoing analysis for audit and research purposes. Regular lectures on the Lasik and refractive surgery are held twice every week to assist those interested to make informed decisions on whether they are suitable candidates.

For further information, please telephone (852) 2360 2000. We are proud to present to you this purpose built Centre and look forward to any constructive suggestion you would kindly offer for the betterment of clinical care of our patients. Address of the The Refractive Laser Centre can be found at this Link.

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